Teachers’ salaries in Birmingham

Thinking of becoming a teacher but you don’t know the salary range? Are you worried that if you get into teaching, the salary will not sustain your monthly bills? We have analyzed the salary range for Birmingham teacher jobs. Most people would love to become teachers in Birmingham but since they don’t know the salary range they do away with the idea. Birmingham schools have approximately 1000 teachers and 19000 students. School teachers in Birmingham are among the highest paid per year in England. Below is the salary range of Birmingham teacher jobs for primary, secondary and also for special education teachers.

1. Primary teacher salary

There is a great demand for primary teachers for Birmingham schools. The demand for primary teachers is gradually increasing. The average primary teacher salary in Birmingham is approximately £28,822 annually. The salaries advertised for primary school teachers in Birmingham are below the set minimum for all average salaries for all jobs. Also, the primary teacher’s salary has been decreasing gradually year to year according to statistics.

2. Secondary teacher salary

The demand for secondary teachers in Birmingham is also increasing gradually. The average secondary teacher in Birmingham is approximately £25,653 annually. Most of the salaries advertised in most of the secondary job vacancies are lower than the minimum salary average for every job in Birmingham. In addition, according to statistics the average salary for secondary teachers has been decreasing year by year.

3. Special needs teacher salary

Special education teacher’s salary depends on the academic level of the students. The average salary for a special education teacher for a kindergarten is approximately $50,460 annually. The average salary for special education teacher for middle school students is approximately $53,580 annually. Finally, the average salary for special education teacher for high school level students is approximately $59,210 annually.